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When you want it done right, the first time, you call The Project Company. With more than 30 years of combined industry experience, our commitment to quality goes beyond the job site. We start every job with excellent communication and a dedication to understanding your project’s needs.

We also use advanced technology to create accurate estimates of the materials and labor needed for each job, giving you a better price and more peace of mind. And most importantly, we have one of the best teams in the business:

Jason Everhart, Partner

After more than a decade in the construction management industry and with hundreds of projects under his belt, Jason Everhart had identified the most important element for the success of any construction project: a single point of contact to oversee everything from idea to implementation and beyond.

He founded The Project Company, along with partner Jake Frahn, to do exactly that. For Jason, running a successful construction management firm means ensuring every element of every project is handled with equal importance. He believes in hiring the right people and using the best technology to ensure that whether it’s the initial site visit, the cost estimate, construction, or post-project servicing, the buck stops with The Project Company.

Jake Frahn, Partner

More than two decades in the industry haven’t dulled Jake Frahn’s passion for the hands-on work of construction management. Instead, it’s helped him to hone a keen understanding of buildings, inside and out, that makes him an integral element at any job site.

Jake embodies The Project Company’s ethos of complete project management through his understanding of how prompt action and preventative maintenance affect the life cycle of any building.

Tom Everhart, General Manager

Tom Everhart is an accomplished professional who enjoys having a hand in every aspect of a successful business. He joined The Project Company to help build something incredible from the ground up. On days where he isn’t in the office managing day-to-day operations, he can be found working on everything from estimating and project management to photography and drone piloting.

Garrett Olson, Production Manager

Garrett Olson’s role as Production Manager is to ensure that, once the appraisals and estimates and planning are in, the project itself goes according to plan. With more than a decade of experience managing construction projects, he’s the perfect person to make sure that the right people and the right materials are on site at the right time to get the job done.